What is ASPHALT ARMY? ASPHALT ARMY is a life-long dream of ours...an apparel company catering to the automotive crowd. And more specifically to the lowered car and mini-truck crowd.

My brother and I were into cars since birth and in the late 80's when we were starting to drive we obsessed over customizing every car and truck we owned.

At that time, I was doing automotive event t-shirt artwork as a side gig and we talked about starting our own line of apparel. Drop Em Wear was the only real apparel line catering to those of us in the mini-truck scene and we thought it would be cool to give people another option. But back then, neither of us had the money or business-sense to really try it so it lived on in our minds as a pipe dream.

Fast forward twenty-plus years. We each started attending some car shows here and there and it was decided...let's give this a try now that we're older and wiser. During that time, I had kept my head down, honing my illustration skills and locating solid contacts in the screen printing/embroidery industry. In 2014, the stars aligned and it was the perfect time to finally give this dream a try.

Shifting into 2019 (our 5th year), we're striving to provide the best quality, coolest artwork we can to those of you who live and breath the lowered car and truck scene. We've got more ideas than time and money, so be patient and hopefully we'll have something that appeals to everyone at some point.

And as a side note, we both work full-time jobs in addition to this business venture so we're trying to hit as many shows as we can squeeze into our limited schedule. If you can't find us at a show near you...hit up our website to order and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all of the latest designs and other news.

We hope to see you at a show soon!